About Body Wrapping

About Body Wrapping

I remember the first time I did a full home body wrap treatment. I knew the product would tighten my skin and leave me feeling more confident with a toned body, but I wasn’t sure what to expect after a full body wrap a few months after having a baby and needing to lose some inches and really firm my belly.

I truly lost a total of 8 inches in that first full body wrap! Now I know what you are thinking, can it really take 8 inches off? Yes. But note, that 8 inches was overall inches. I lost 1.25 in my waist, .5 in my right thigh, .75 in my left thigh, etc. And I know from wrapping my clients that you don’t always get a lot of inches lost. Depending on the amount of fat beneath the surface of the skin, your skin type, and the wrap process you use, you will see varying results.

So you are probably wondering what a body wrap is and how it works. First, watch my video here, and see how easy it is to wrap yourself at home and same a fortune on salon costs!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Body Wrap and How does it work?

A body wrap is a skin care treatment that works to detoxify the skin and promote inch loss. Body Wraps for inch loss use a bentonite clay formula that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and draws out toxins and impurities. The clay also pulls and tightens the skin for a more toned appearance.

Does it help me lose weight?

A body wrap treatment will not help you lose pounds, but will encourage you to stick to your diet when you see the results that not only make your skin healthier, but will make you look like you lost weight by the inch loss achieved.

Will inch loss stay off?

Just like when you diet, if you stick to eating healthy, your weight will stay off, and if you stick to a good skin care program and keep up with wrap treatments every few weeks after your initial series of wraps, you will keep the inches off and you skin will look better over time. So stick to it and you will love the way you look and feel.

How do I wrap myself at home?

Complete instructions are included with every kit. Online instructions are here.

What is the difference between a body wrap treatment at a salon and a home treatment?

How much money your will save! Honestly, that is the number #1 difference! When you do your wrap at home, you can also pinpoint areas you want to treat and treat them more often for better results.

How safe is it?

The body wrap formulas are completely safe. One of the reasons I love Slender Results products is because they do not use parabens or any ingredients that have been proven to be harmful to the skin.

The body wrap treatment is safe on almost anyone with any skin type. It is not recommended if you are pregnant or have circulatory problems, disease or other health issues. Please consult your physician before performing a body wrap if you have any concerns for your particular health care or skin care issues.

Get started now! Order your Body Wrap products and see the results!