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Want to start your own at-home Body Wrap Business?

Starting my Body Wrap Business was so easy! I use the products and love them! So sharing my results with others was the easiest work I have ever done! I started wrapping my friends and family then expanded to “real” clients simply by word of mouth, who wanted to lose inches for special occasions, to look great in their bikini, or just to feel great.

I now do wraps in my home just 3-4 days a week, 2-3 wraps per day, and earn a gross income average of $600 per week! That’s at $50 per wrap. I only charge $50 per full body when a client buys a series of 6-10 weekly wraps. I typically sell a series of 10 wraps. If someone is just looking for a one time wrap, I charge $80 per wrap. Doing 3 body wrap treatments in a day takes about 4 hours. I overlap some of my clients. But I am thrilled with $2000+ a month for this part time work that is so rewarding and allows me to help others look and feel fabulous!

One of my clients was so happy with the results and really wanted to start her own wrapping business. She has children who are in school so she schedules her wraps during school hours and enjoys the extra income that wrapping others brings.

We both get together and do wrap parties one night a month where we invite all of our clients to get a free spot treatment wrap if they bring a friend to get a wrap. We get lots of husbands for belly wraps! But we also get some new clients who are looking for long term wrap treatments.

Order your Body Wrap Business in a Box Kit and get started today!

Kit includes everything you need to start a body wrap business including the body wrap instructional video and the body wrap training manual that not only teaches you about body wrapping, but also helps you learn how to work with your clients and manage your business. You will also receive access to our downloadable materials that includes everything you need to print from measurement charts, brochures to promote your business, party invitations and more!

And the best part is, you can earn back more than the investment in just one month! How many businesses can do that?

And NO MLM Reselling required to make money!


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