Do Body Wraps Really Work?

Do Body Wraps really work for Slimming and Toning?

That is the question I get the most. I have been doing Body Wraps at home for over 6 years (long before “It Works” came around!) And trust me, even though I love the body wrap products that I use, I had to try It Works and see what all the hype was about. The It Works applicators only cover portions of the body and for many of my home clients, it would not offer full coverage of target areas such as the belly and the thighs! Using Slender Results Body Wrap products, I get full coverage on any and all areas I want to work on. And it is so easy to use!

If you use It Works, then you should seriously consider trying Slender Results! You will love the results as well as the cost savings!

Back to the question, Do they Work?

Here’s my experience. I started out with my first body wrap as a model for the product. My skin felt amazing after the session and I took some home to wrap my stubborn areas and tighten my belly and thighs before wearing a bikini. I loved the results! Then about a year later, I had a baby, and after baby, I had loose skin and extra fat and I was desperate to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape! So I grabbed the Slender Results clay and did a full body wrap and started to feel better as it tightened and toned my skin. Along with my diet to get back in shape, the body wraps truly helped me to slim down and look firmer. The loose skin on my belly was the most significant and took the longest to tighten, but I stuck with the wrap treatment program for 3 months and got my bikini shape back! (Note: I did not start body wrapping for 3 months after baby as I wanted to wait until I was no longer nursing. Many people will use the product while still nursing, but please check with your doctor prior to wrapping.)

Since I loved the results after my pregnancy, I decided to start a business wrapping others. I had friends who were anxious to try the product but didn’t want to bother with the process. It was fun and easy to get started in a body wrap business. Word of mouth is all that I needed as word spread, I was able to bring in many loyal clients and work the hours that were convienient for my growing family. And my clients love it because I charge less money and offer a more personalized experience then they would get in a salon or spa.

If you are interested in starting your own Body Wrap Business or want to switch to a product that works better and costs less than the MLM It Works (and not MLM reselling required!), then take a look at my Business Startup page and I can help you get started.

If you are looking for great body wrap products and want to wrap yourself at home, check out my store and get your Slender Results body wrap kit to get started.

Best Quality Body Wrap Formulas

What these body wrap formulas did for me… Tighten and tone the skin, stimulate the pores, remove toxins and excess fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve and soften the skin.

I have tried other brands on the market and Slender Results is by far the best that I have used. The formulas are easier to use, the instructions are complete and the ingredients meet my high expectations (no parabens or harmful chemicals).



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