Hosting a Wrap Party

Wrap Parties are fun!

Invite your friends, neighbors, family! Tell them to wear something that will allow you to wrap the area of the body they want to treat. For example:

  • upper arms wrap – wear a sleeveless shirt.
  • belly treatments – wear shorts or pants with elastic waist to wear over the wrap.
  • leg wrap – wear a bikini and sweat pants to wear over the wrap

I always tell my guest to wear something large and warm, like a sweat suit, with a tank top or t-shirt underneath so they can get wrapped and put the sweat suit on over it. And I always warn them that the clothes could get messy (even though plastic wrap is covering the clay, the clothes may still get some on them, which is easily washed off).

Set up a private room, such as a large bathroom, guest room or bonus room to perform the wraps (if doing private wraps or private areas of the body). Keep this room warm so that your guests do not get cold during the wrap.

As your guests arrive, make them feel comfortable. Serve tea, hot or cold and have plenty of water on hand. Play some light music and make sure the room temperature is comfortable. If it is warm outside, have the party outside. Set out some lawn chairs.

You can explain the wrap treatment to all of your guests and have them wrap themselves, or you can take 1 or 2 at a time to your private room and wrap them. This is your preference. I personally love to have everyone wrap themselves and I help where needed. For example, if someone is wrapping their arms, they will need assistance with the wrapping. 

Have your guests stay in the wraps for about 1 hour. Then when they remove the plastic wrap, do so in an area that can get messy as the clay will flake off and get on the floor. I like to do this outside, when it is warm, or in my bathtub. You can also put a tarp or some newspaper on the floor for them to stand on when removing the plastic wrap.

Have some bowls of warm water and paper towels available to gently remove any excess clay on the skin. I have my guests dip the paper towel in the water to moisten it, then wipe off the clay themselves. Then I can help get areas where they cannot reach or need assistance with. 

Should you charge your guests?

That is up to you and the type of party you are having. I like to host a wrap party once a month at no charge and invite my regular friends and family as well as potential new clients who want to see what it is all about. This introduces newbies to the treatment and then I can set up private appointments for full body wrap treatments. It is a great way for me to get new clients!

I have heard from many people that they just like to pitch in to buy the kit and then have wrap parties among friends! And others who charge $5 per person and wrap each guest as they come in. Figure out what works best for you and get wrapping!




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